A Protractor Bender

protractor glued to base of light pole, Pittsburgh, PA

#234, Arsenal Park

Much like starting on a bag of potato chips or listening to Creedence records, when you finally break down to blogging about the Pittsburgh protractors, you can’t stop at just one*.

Oh, how long had this blogger let his eyes skip over them, camera safely stowed in the hip pocket? No temptation at all–we’d let other hack bloggers work this scene.

But once we ran the Orbit Obit waxing on about the fate of the disappearing Pittsburgh protractors, the floodgates were officially open. Like a drunkard on a first bender after rehab, we were bagging everything in sight–bridge railings, bases of light posts, electrical boxes, the posteriors of park benches, an air conditioner. (Yes, even an air conditioner!)

So, whether you’re full-on pro-protractor or just geometry-curious, here you go. It’s an Orbit collection of a bunch more of the arced creatures, picked up in just the last couple weeks. Drink up.

protractor glued to lamp post base, Swinburne Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA

#425, Swinburne Bridge

protractor glued to light pole, Pittsburgh, PA

#218, Bloomfield

protractor glued to electrical box panel, Pittsburgh, PA

#236, Arsenal Park

purple protractor glued to power box on light pole, Pittsburgh, PA

#410, Bloomfield

purple protractor glued to metal plate on Swinburne Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA

Swinburne Bridge (number unreadable)

purple protractor glued to rear of park bench, PIttsburgh, PA

Friendship Park (number unknown)

purple protractor glued to window air conditioner, Pittsburgh, PA

#418, Lawrenceville

Purple protractor glued to 10th Street Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA

#448, 10th Street Bridge

purple protractor glued to electric power box, Pittsburgh, PA

Troy Hill (number unknown)

protractor glued to lamp post base, Swinburne Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA

#430, Swinburne Bridge

* Yes, even this choogler can stop before he gets to Mardi Gras.

5 thoughts on “A Protractor Bender

  1. Vannevar Bush says:

    last week, while I was bicycling uphill on Neville St, an opposite-direction car turned right on Filmore. It was a small, low, silver-grey car with a small 6-inch “pigtail” antenna sticking out of the roof, in the back. Attached to the antenna was a gray protractor. I didn’t realize it was a protractor until we’d passed, and then I foolishly missed my chance to chase the car and find out if the driver is the Pgh Protractor Master. Has anybody else seen a Protractor on the car?


    • Will says:

      WOW! A potential sighting of the protractor master!
      I’ve got to admit to a certain amount of skepticism–this person (or group of people) seem to have operated in complete secrecy for long enough that I don’t know if s/he/they’d advertise it, but … maybe?
      Regardless, it would be interesting to see what this person is up to–maybe a copycat like in serial killer movies? or a dedicated fan making an homage? Who knows?


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