Now You See Me: Portraits by Creative Citizen Studios Students at the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council

We couldn’t have said this better ourselves! Literally–we don’t know some of these words!

Tonight is your last best chance to see the “Now You See Me” portrait show as part of the downtown gallery crawl. Do yourself a favor and get your kiester to the GPAC building and see the full show up close and personal.

Those who know me know my outrageous affection for student art. Yes, student art is less developed than professional art, less focused, less sure of itself. It’s the kind of thing that expects to receive a grade, not a review. Much of it is predictable. But just as often it is fresh and ambitious. So here I am, reviewing a student show and even recommending it. The show is Now You See Me: Portraits, all works on paper by the students of Creative Citizen Studios and installed in GPAC’s downtown offices. Not only is this an exceptionally strong showing of student work, it was also a standout when it opened during the last gallery crawl. It will be open again during this Friday’s crawl, so now is your chance to see what I’m raving about—and make up your own mind as to whether I’m raving with reason, or…

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