Ghost House: Brighton Heights

"Ghost house"--impression of one razed house against another still standing

Ghost house: Brighton Heights

You don’t see one of these every day–that is, unless you regularly find yourself traveling the back way from Woods Run up to Brighton Heights.  I was all the way down in my low gear huffing and puffing up that hill and believe you me I thought twice about giving up the small amount of inertia I had to stop for a photo, but there was really no decision.  This is the kind of hardship we dedicated bloggers/ghost house haunters live for.

‘Scuse me while I catch my breath, even the memory is exhausting…OK, I’m good.  Where was I?  Oh, yeah: there I was, face-to-tar shingle and clapboard with the big one!  This amateur archeologist had everything he needed but the platte maps.  Such a perfect specimen!  One tiny house perfectly imprinted on the neighbor’s only slightly larger simple frame home, complete with front and rear porches, slanted roof, and exposed foundation.

I don’t know what happened to that little guy, but I’m sure glad it (literally) left a mark to tell us where it was and give us a hint at what it was all about.


3 thoughts on “Ghost House: Brighton Heights

    • Pittsburgh Orbit says:

      Mr./Ms. Noseworthy, Thanks for your interest in the ghost house. It’s our general policy to not list the specific addresses of private residences, just out of respect for the homeowners/people who live there. That said, there are enough clues in the writing that you should be able to find it for yourself if you go out looking.


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