The McKeesport Muffler Man

Figure of a man created from steel parts on wall of Mars Builders Supply, McKeesport, PA

The McKeesport Muffler Man

While not technically a “muffler man” in the strictest of roadside America senses, the figure that adorns a brick wall of Mars Wholesale Supply in McKeesport appears to have actually been fabricated out of mufflers (OK, probably loose duct work or other stray sheet metal the crew had laying around).

Regardless, his characteristic stance with one hand up to stabilize an invisible object, the other down to carry its load looks awfully familiar.  This guy has a similar steely take-no-prisoners look in his squinting eyes and is a commanding presence on the traffic of Walnut Street (Rt. 148) as it leaves town.  “Come in,” Muffler Man seems to say, “I’ll bet you could use some nice joint compound right about now.”

While it may be fanciful to imagine Home Depot’s staff having the freedom to rend macho muffler men or lovely ladies of lumber, we can always hope.  They’re losing out on a lot of blogger dollars!

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